Joseph Oyugi


Mkulima Today 

My story is that of a young man interested in agriculture but without any skill in the field. Having experienced the lack of information in agriculture to help me start out in the field or access to an agriculture extension officer I started a web platform that shares farmers success stories to motivate other farmers, share news in agribusiness at the same time offer consultancy services. My website also goes further to solve the problem of access to reliable markets for farmers. We solve this by connecting farmers directly to consumers in urban areas ensuring farmers can earn better from their yields. I believe agriculture is the way to improve household income in the region, keep children in school and provide better household income. This can only be achieved through the sharing of better agriculture practices, sustainable agriculture and access to reliable markets. We work with a huge number of female farmers because I believe women are the future of Africa men are also included in our journey. I’d love to leave in an Africa that we don’t worry about people dying of hunger, starvation or malnutrition but a food secure one.

Edina Sondashi


TBN skin care

Growing up in Africa and Zambia in particular l learnt about plants and how they helped our grandparents to treat certain diseases and burns this inspired me to learn more about plant’s special healing properties. My main focus was skin oriented products, looking at my sister who struggled with skin outbreaks and could not find any product that could suit her sensitive skin, I made a bentonite face mask from ingredients that are earthly sourced which cleared her skin and I saw the need to create a brand that can help many others that may be facing similar skin challenges and That’s how Tied by nature came to existence, The name “Tied” comes from the initials of our Names Tio (Ti) and Edina (Ed) nature we found fitting because the ingredients are inspired by nature. Tied By Nature is a Zambian brand that manufactures natural skin cosmetics, our aim is to ensure that people have healthy skin through proper skin products, TBN has been in the business for over 4years now and has become one of Zambia’s best natural skin products found in most of the health stores in Zambia, our hard work earned us an award by the Uk aid and Private Enterprise Program Zambia for young artisan entrepreneur award in 2018. The GLITC is the platform that the company needs in order to expand from local to international trades.

Aluel Martin Majier

South Sudan

Afro Tech Ltd

Attending GLITC 2020 surely gives a credible open opportunity for South Sudan to share her strategic, potential developmental, sustainable and long term business ideas through Afro Tech Ltd that will further the innovation and establishment of Honey processing and production factory that will not only benefit the people of the Republic of South Sudan but the entire Great Lakes Countries and the International Global Market. South Sudan is one of the Country with golden opportunities where all her regions consist of wild bees that is; Equatoria, Northern Barh El Ghazal and the Upper Nile all very rich in honey but because people lack knowledge of the natural importance of honey on human health, there are a lot of waste where honey is left breeding on trees and after rot and much of it is then only consumed by very few people in the deep rural areas and wild animals in the jungles. Honey being one of the most very vital health disease fighter, this business idea gives a chance for a very big business potentials basing on the fact that; South Sudan has no any factory established to process honey for both National and International consumption. Honey processing and production will launch and open doors for International investors on honey to invest heavy resources so as to produce for export. Investors will actually discover other opportunities other than honey production that will boost their engagement and investment in the Republic of South Sudan hence becoming part and partial partners of developmental programs in the Nation.

Grace Chifungula


Solar Energy

I am a 63 year old female entrepreneur engaged in cross border trade trading in hardware and solar equipment. As a result of my trade more communities are accessing solar for lighting homes and irrigating farm lands. Would be excited to be a part of this conference as the exposure would be of great benefit to my business.

Ian Kipkorir Rono


TeaXchange Africa

I am a techpreneur who co-founded an online ecommerce store called I come from a community in Kenya's highlands that depends on tea for pretty much all our livelihoods. However, over the years I have witnessed time and time again low prices affecting our livelihoods even during bumper harvest periods. It is with this in mind that I started teaxchangeAfrica, an online tea store that provides a global market for local tea factories while offering a constant price for the produce. I believe as the company grows we will be able to impact our community by improving livelihoods. The startup is founded on the basis of social entrepreneurship(Ubuntu) and hopes to change how commerce of Kenya's largest cash crop is done. We have been recognised having been nominated as top 200 finalists at the Africa Innovation Week 2019 as well as Startup Turkey top 200 finalists early last year.

Mwaila Chanda


Yeathu Seedlings 

My name is Mwila Chanda- Kanema a Zambian woman aged 38. I own and manage a micro-enterprise called Yeathu Seedlings which specializes in growing vegetables and seedlings for sale to small- and large-scale farmers across my country Zambia. This seedlings centre has employed five full-time employees three of which are women, two are men and one a youth employed on part-time basis. Important to say that the company has since January 2020 sponsored the youth to pursue an Agribusiness Bachelor’s degree. Yeathu has embarked on a growth strategy with a focus on small scale farmers mostly in rural and remote areas outside the city. In year 2019 our major sales came from these rural farmers and we see a lot of room for growth with this clientele. Our strategy was to make it easier for them to do business all the farmer needed to do was access our phone numbers, make an order and we facilitate delivery to their local town. This was a plus for the farmers as it translated into reduced hours and costs for sourcing seedlings Our market is not only farmers but household gardens as well, we have been encouraging households to also grow their own vegetables as such we welcome all orders from one to thousands of seedlings. We have also been giving a complimentary service of guidance on growth care from seedling till ready for the market stage. Our opportunities for growth are quite vast, the market for seedlings and vegetables is abundant and due to production limitations, we are unable to satisfy the market. With an increased productivity base, we will not only be able to supply the local farmers but also utilize the enormous market for vegetables in Congo using the Kasumbalesa border post. Important to note, Yeathu has invested 50 hectares of land for vegetable and cash crop production, to maximise the potential of this land, there is need for two boreholes and irrigation system as well as a van to ease the transportation of farm inputs and outputs. Our team has also invested in a partnership with the University of Zambia, all our team needs to do is to procure two greenhouses and materials. The hope of this partnership lies in yeathu providing a facility that can also be used for practical training for crop science students while maximizing the land and central location of the university for many other farmers. The hope of attending this conference is to learn more about how to succeed as a woman entrepreneur as well to share and network on best practices. It is also my hope that our team can access financing for our project opportunities.